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Useful Links


  1. State Library of Queensland (SLQ)
  2. National Library of Australia (NLA)


  1. Queensland State Archives (QSA)
  2. National Archives of Australia (NAA)
  3. Brisbane City Archives
  4. Brisbane Images Homepage
  5. Archived Web Sites (Trove, Pandora, Wayback)

Births, Deaths and Marriages (certificates and registration)

  1. Brisbane Registry of BDM

Other Sites of Interest

  1. Australasian Federation of Family History Associations (AFFHO) and its members
  2. Brisbane City Council cemeteries. Overviewand  Search
  3. Online Directory of Queensland Local Government Offices. Overview and Search
  4. Ipswich City Council Heritage Information
  5. BCL list of genealogy and history groups
  6. Tax Office/Gift Recipient details
  7. http://www.ourcommunity.com.au/
  8. Volunteering Queensland resources
  9. Preserving Collections. Salvaging Damaged Collections
  10. Preservation Guides
  11. http://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/land/accessing-using-land
  12. Other Queensland local and family history groups. (CoraWeb)
  13. Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying
  14. Queensland Heritage Register
  15. Pest Management advice
  16. The Ryerson Index to death notices and obituaries in Australian newspapers
  17. The Roger's Cemetery Inscriptions, mainly Queensland 1802-2005
  18. Raymon/Horton cemetery photo collection
  19. HeavensAddress (includes Mt Thompson Memorial Gardens)


  1. Connecting Up - formerly DonorTec (donated and discounted technology products and services)
  2. Adobe's Software Donation Program
  3. Australian Charities Commission


  1. Queensland Gambling Community Benefits Funds
  2. Brisbane City Council Grants
  3. Department of Social Services Grants Program
  4. http://www.ourcommunity.com.au/
  5. National Library of Australia - Community Heritage Grants
  6. Queensland Week Awards
  7. Queensland Government Grants
  8. Sunnybank area Community Grants

Legislation and Governance

Please note that HQ makes no claim that this information is accurate, complete or appropriate to the needs of any organization or individual

  1. Associations Incorporation Act (PDF)
  2. Model Rules
  3. Incorporated Associations Guide (PDF)
  4. Notes about Incorporating and Running an Association in Queensland
  5. Notes on Setting up an Incorporated Association in Queensland
  6. Legal information for community organisations
  7. Australian Privacy Principles
  8. Australian Tax office information about GST for Non-Profit organisations

Copyright, Privacy and related issues

  1. http://www.copyright.org.au
  2. http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au
  3. https://www.communications.gov.au/what-we-do/copyright
  4. http://www.alrc.gov.au/inquiries/copyright-and-digital-economy
  5. Copyright implications for Family History Societies
  6. Street Photographer's Rights in Australia
  7. Street Photographer's Rights in the UK and USA
  8. What is Privacy?
  9. Australian Privacy Act
  10. Data protection laws
  11. How the Australian Privacy Principles affect your organisation
  12. Privacy Compliance Manual
  13. International "Safe Harbour" Privacy Principles
  14. "Do Not Call" register
  15. Payment Card Industry data security standards

Web Site Notes for HQ Members. Domain Names, Web Hosting and performance considerations

- Background

  1. General impartial advice on setting up a web site in Australia
  2. Web site design notes
  3. Video explaining the WHOIS service (1m47s)
  4. Video explaining why .ORG.AU is a Good Idea (2m2s)
  5. Notes on obtaining and using a domain name
  6. A brief definition of Web Hosting
  7. Facebook for Non-Profits

- Tools

  1. Measure the speed of your internet connection (Speedtest)
  2. Test the reliability of your Internet Connection (ping, jitter, packet loss)
  3. Measure the speed and plot the pathway to a given web host (tracert)
  4. Reverse DNS lookup service - includes your IP address
  5. NBN rollout map
  6. Street Speed - local reports
  7. Check how fast a site is from locations around the world
  8. See how a site ranks nationally and internationally and Similarweb
  9. Find out where a web site is in the world and another
  10. http://whois.domaintools.com/
  11. Other domain tools
  12. Vulnerability Checker (ASP.NET)
  13. Favicon generator and checker
  14. Scams and Cybercrime
  15. Advice on choosing passwords
  16. Password Generator
  17. Paswsord Safe
  18. WWW Technology surveys
  19. Drawing tool - diagrams and charts
  20. Web page design tool using bootstrap layout
  21. CSS documentation
  22. Public domain image collection stocksnap
  23. Animated GIF tools
  24. Simple Logo Creator
  25. Online Graphics Tool
  26. Filler text LoremIpsum and SpaceIpsum
  27. World Time Zone information
  28. Win10 ISO download
  29. Random Image as placeholder
  30. Network monitoring tools
  31. Bootswatch and StartBootstrap free themes

- Web Design and SEO notes

  1. Tutorial on Search Engine Optimzation
  2. Video (3m29s) overview of SEO
  3. Tutorial on Responsive Design
  4. Check a site for broken links
  5. SSL tests
  6. SEO checker
  7. Web guidelines checker
  8. Bootstrap Lint Checker
  9. Tutorial on web page caching
  10. Browser functionality
  11. Using images
  12. Using Databases
  13. See how a web page looks in different browsers and devices
  14. Page and Site analysis woorank, or userexp
  15. SEO summary for a site


  1. http://organizershandbook.wikispaces.com/Table+of+Contents
  2. Meetups
  3. Overview of emerging trends
  4. Temporary/disposable email address
  5. Free Software