History Queensland Inc.

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ABN 12 234 568 600

Our Patron: Bill Kitson

HQ AGM - May 2018

The 2018 Annual General Meeting for History Queensland Inc. was held on Sunday May 20th 2018

at the heritage listed Criterion Hotel, 84 Palmerin Street, Warwick 4370.

It was hosted by the Warwick & District Historical Society.

9.30am      Registration and Morning Tea  
10.00am   Welcome and Guest speaker "The History of the Criterion Hotel"  
10.30am   History Queensland 2018 Annual General Meeting  
    1. Welcome - Margaret Doherty President  
    2. Minutes of previous AGM hosted by Gold Coast Family History Society 21 May 2017  
    3. Correspondence  

4. Reports:


    5. General Business  
    6. Management Committee election for 2018-2019  
    7. Appointment of auditor: Chartered Accountant, Franich, Crow, Oberg, Davenport Street, Southport.  
    8. Appointment of Insurance Officer  
    9. Appointment of Insurance Broker  
    10. Appointment of Webmaster  
    11. Appointment of Newsletter Editor  
    12. Appointment of Australian Federation of Family History Organisations (AFFHO) Representative  

Annual General Meeting close, to be followed by the 6 monthly General Meeting


1.  Apologies
2.  Minutes of previous General Meeting  hosted by Friends of Bankfoot House on Sat 12 Nov  2017
3.  Correspondence
4.  Reports:
5.  General Business  including:    Member Organisation Reports.
These will be limited to 2 minutes each.
Unless you are a new member organisation, please limit your report to:
Items that may benefit other groups: e.g. fundraising ideas, new publications.
Recent relevant news since last HQ meeting

Close of General Meeting.
12 noon   Lunch  
12.45pm   Guest speaker   TBA  
1.20pm   Close. Move to the Historical Society Museum Complex for a 1.30 visit