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 Patron: Shauna Hicks  MA Grad Dip Lib Sc Dip FHS FQFHS

History Queensland - 2021 AGM Minutes

Dear Member's

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2021 AGM Mintues - PDF 2021-2022 - History Queenslands  -  Audit Report

Meeting commenced at 10:01 am

Niles Elvery, Senior Archivist of Queensland State Archives (QSA) welcomed everyone on behalf of QSA, acknowledged the traditional owners of the land, and gave housekeeping advice to attendees.

He then welcomed Jenny Kidd, Director of Access and Engagement, QSA, on Zoom, who gave an overview of where QSA is at the present time and how they are moving into the future, mentioning the recent updating of the catalogue, and refreshing of the website.

President Margaret Doherty welcomed attendees to the Annual General Meeting and said this was the first general meeting we have held this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The minutes were circulated to all members and made available on the HQ website. There were no amendments.
Moved by Valerie Thornton and seconded by Ann Metcher that the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 14 November 2020, by Zoom, be accepted. Carried

Business arising: Nil

The Secretary Valerie Thornton advised the only correspondence tabled for the AGM is a letter from the Auditor accepting the position for the coming year. There was no Business Arising from Correspondence.

Shauna Hicks – HQ Inc. Patron
Caloundra Family History Research Inc –Valerie Thornton, Rosalyn Kuss
Fassifern District Historical Society Inc. – Iris Skinner, Peter Skinner
Friends of Tingalpa Chapel – Geoffrey Doherty
Gatton & District Historical Society - Jacqui Brock
Genealogical Society of Qld Inc. – Helen Veivers, Janice Cooper
Gold Coast Family History Society Inc. – Ann Metcher, Fay Carbis, Heather Wort
Queensland Family History Society Inc. – Chris Gibbs
Logan City Historical Museum Society Inc. – Helen Turner
Logan River Family History Society – Dianna Otway
Mount Gravatt District Historical Association - Janeeth Dean
Oral History Queensland Inc. - Suzanne Mulligan
Queensland Muslim Historical Society Inc. – Janeeth Dean
Queensland State Archives – Niles Elvery
Redland Genealogical Society Inc. – Helen Veivers
Toowoomba & Darling Downs Family History Society – Marie Green, Marionne Diggles, Marg Doherty, Linda Ely

Blackbutt & District Tourism & Heritage Association Inc. - Roy Emerson Museum
Caboolture Family History Research Group Inc.
Centenary Suburbs Historical Society Inc.
Coochiemudlo Island Heritage Society Inc.
Descendants of the Australian South Sea Islanders
Fort Lytton Historical Association Inc.
Glasshouse History Group Inc.
Ipswich Genealogical Society
Kenmore & District Historical Society
Peachester History Committee Inc.
Queensland Women's Historical Association Inc.
The Gap Historical Society Inc.
Wide Bay Hospitals Museum Society Inc.
Woodford Historical Society Inc.
Wynnum Manly Historical Society & HQ Committee

Presidents Report

Margaret Doherty 

Welcome to History Queensland’s first face to face AGM meeting in two years.

Yes, you are correct; we had the last AGM in November 2020. However, that was delayed by Covid 19. We are delighted to bring you the AGM at the Queensland State Archives finally. Along the same line, I am pleased to provide my President’s Report in person. As was the case last year, we still have Covid running around, but I hope that all your local and family history societies are back operating again and that you are all managing in the new ‘Covid normal’. One of the highlights is that we have 119 members with one unfinancial who say they are renewing.

The Management Committee for History Queensland has been operating by Zoom for the last eighteen months. We have taken out a Zoom subscription that is available to members for use by their societies. Wynnum Manly Historical Society is a regular user, and I am sure that their president, Sandy Liddle, would be willing to discuss their use of Zoom with you. I hope you will consider if this technology is helpful to your society. There is no cost for members to use History Queensland’s subscription.

The newsletter has continued under the editorship of Linda Ely and Jacqui Brock, but unfortunately, Jacqui has to step back from her newsletter commitment. However, we are delighted that she will continue on the Management Committee. Remaining on the newsletter topic, History Queensland views the newsletter as a mechanism through which we can share information and news with local and family history societies. We would also love it if you would forward the newsletter to your members, so they are aware of what is happening in the sector. Please think about sharing this with your individual members.

Another mechanism for information sharing is our Facebook page, and follower numbers are growing and now we have 1755 followers. It is interesting to see many member societies now include their Facebook page in their contact details. History Queensland is reformatting the member societies’ contact information on our website list of members to incorporate this additional information.

The changes to our website that we flagged last AGM is now well underway. The site will be fresher, and we hope, easier to navigate and more useful for members. Please stay tuned for its unveiling in the near future. Thanks to Ann Metcher, Valerie Thornton and Sue Mackenzie for their work.
The changes in the insurance process last year are now embedded. Helen Turner, the Insurance Officer, continues to oversee the insurance and a plea again to users of this service to please pay promptly. Volunteers do everything in History Queensland, and a delayed payment means more work for our volunteers. Thanks to Helen for her time and energy as Insurance Officer.

History Queensland is delighted that Shauna Hicks is now our Patron and that she is attending today. Shauna is also a fantastic source of knowledge and advice in family and local history, so we are sure this will be an excellent relationship. Shauna is undoubtedly well known in Queensland as a researcher and speaker. and I believe History Queensland will benefit from having her as Patron.

History Queensland is delighted that we could have this AGM at the Queensland State Archives. Our committee member Niles Elvery has been a very efficient coordinator of this meeting with the Queensland State Archives, and I hope you will all enjoy yourself. Our next six-monthly meeting will hopefully also be face to face. It will be hosted by the Peachester History Group and will be held on Saturday, 20 November. I hope you will attend.
I am just going to flag a couple of events in which some members may be interested. From 1-5 August, the 2021 Congress for family history will be held on Norfolk Island. I know a few members of the History Queensland management committee are attending, so there will be plenty of Queenslanders there. The congress is supported by the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations (AFFHO), and the congress will coincide with AFFHO’s launch on National Family History Month (NFHM). The opening speaker for NFHM will be Shauna Hicks. This event will be face to face, but the opening event will also be on Zoom and free.

The other event is the fourth Queensland Family and Local History Conference held from 21 to 23 October 2022. Although a while away, stay tuned. The conference will be hosted by History Redcliffe, a History Queensland member and will be held at the Leagues Club Redcliffe.

Finally, I want to thank our secretary, Valerie Thornton and Treasurer, Fay Carbis, and all the Management Committee members. The History Queensland Management Committee comprises only volunteers, and that includes the volunteer office bearers. We would not exist without the work of individual management committee members in their respective roles, so sincere thanks to you all.

Moved by Margaret Doherty and seconded by Niles Elvery that the report be accepted. Carried

Treasurer's Report

Fay Carbis

History Queensland lnc
lncome and Expenditure Statement for the year ended 31 March 2021







Membership Fees



Public Liability Insurance



Public Liability Insurance - Prior Year



Interest received



Other income



Total Income




Audit Fees



Fees & Charges



General Expenses






Meeting Expenses






Printing & Stationery






Web Site Costs



Total expenses



Profit from ordinary activities before income tax



Income tax revenue relating to ordinary activities



Net profit attributable to the association



Total changes in equity of the association



Opening retained profits



Net profit attributable to the association



Closing retained profits



History Queensland lnc
Detailed Balance Sheet as at 31 March 2021

Current Assets



Cash Assets



BOQ – 7143



BOQ – 4737



BOQ – 2641



BOQ Premier lnvestment






Total Current Assets






Non-Current Assets



Property, Plant and Equipment



Plant & equipment - At cost



Less: Accumulated depreciation 






Total Non-Current Assets






Total Assets






Net Assets






Members’ Funds



Accumulated surplus (deficit)



Total Members' Funds



Fay explained that we have a healthy bank balance and she asked for ideas on how it could be used.  She mentioned the committee is considering sponsoring regional delegates to attend the 4th State Conference in October 2022.

Moved by Fay Carbis and seconded by Jacqui Brock that the report be accepted.  Carried

Insurance Report

Helen Turner

The insurance renewals have all been emailed out for this insurance period.  We currently have 93 members insured under the History Queensland Inc. insurance policy.  The breakdown of the insurance cover is as follows:

Public Liability / Voluntary Workers - 93

Contents - 35
Theft - 9
Office Bearers - 5
General Property - 3

If you have not received your renewal notice or have any questions about your renewal please come and see me after the meeting.

I want to talk a little about Stamp Duty Exemption. As of this last renewal there were only 11 societies who have taken up the Stamp Duty Exemption offered by the State Government. The Stamp Duty Exemption is only on Public Liability / Voluntary Workers Cover and is current 9% of the premium. The amount of money saved would anywhere from $20.00 based on the lowest premium to approximately $300.00 on the higher premiums. 

The Stamp Duty Exemption application can be downloaded from the History Queensland Inc. website: www.historyqueensland.org.au.  Click on “Services” and then choose “Insurance options” in the menu available. The S/D Exemption application only needs to be submitted once and approval is given in writing a copy of which you will need to send to me. The exemption carries over on future premiums.  I urge you to follow up on the Stamp Duty Exemption; I am available to guide you through the process if needed.

Moved by Helen Turner and seconded by Janeeth Dean that the report be accepted.  Carried

General Business

Marg Doherty raised the idea of History Queensland recognising the work of volunteers with an awards system.  There was discussion on how such a scheme could be managed and ideas ranged from:

  • for an individual, paying the membership to their society
  • presentation of the award at the biannual conference where there is a wider audience
  • recognising tech people and those working on websites in the background
  • expanding the scheme to two categories
  • having a Highly Commended category and recognising a society as a whole
  • bigger societies have an advantage over small societies/small museums; the latter need recognition too
  • an award could be for something that benefits other HQ members like sharing a constitution etc.

It was agreed that further thought and discussion needs to be had on this idea.

Iris Skinner spoke about the legal and land zoning issues that Fassifern District Historical Society Inc has been dealing with from their local council, Scenic Rim Regional Council.  Marg. Doherty advised we would contact Fassifern to see how History Queensland can help.

There was no other General Business.

Election of Management Committee 2021-2022

Margaret Doherty vacated the Chair after requesting members to consider joining the HQ committee. The management committee stood down for Marie Green to chair the election.  Nominations received were as follows:

President              Marg Doherty
Members of Queensland Family History Society
Nominated by, Christopher Gibbs, seconded by Charlotte Sale

Secretary               Valerie Thornton
Members of Caloundra Family History Research Inc.
Nominated by, Susan Brownjohn, seconded by Ralph Gray 

Treasurer              Fay Carbis
Members of Gold Coast Family History Society
Nominated by, Sarah Ross, seconded Ray Higgs 

Committee Members

  1. Jacqui Brock
    Nominated, Roy Wheeler, seconded Rick Maskey - Members of Gatton & District Historical Society
  1. Niles Elvery
    Nominated, Saadia Thomson Dwyer, seconded Joanne Seccombe - Members of Queensland State Archives
  1. Linda Ely
    Members of Toowoomba & Darling Downs Family History Society
    Nominated, Marie Green, seconded by Marionne Diggles 
  1. Sandy Liddle
    Members of Wynnum Manly Historical Society
    Nominated, Jill Greenhill. seconded by Mavis Wegner
  1. Ann Metcher
    Members of Gold Coast Family History Society
    Nominated, Lee Oates, seconded by Les Hansen
  1. Helen Turner
    Members of Logan City Historical Museum Society
    Nominated, P. Beardsworth, seconded by Sylvia Arnold

Further nominations were called from the floor.  There being no further nominations, the committee was elected unopposed.

The following appointments for 2020 – 2021 were proposed:

Auditor:  QSA Accounting (same company as previously)

Insurance officer: Helen Turner – moved by Jacqui Brock, seconded Ann Metcher - Carried

Insurance broker: Christine Reith, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (Ansvar is the Underwriter)

AFFHO HQ Rep: Margaret Doherty

AFFHO Qld Rep: Fay Carbis, who is also taking on AFFHO Treasurer

Moved by Valerie Thornton and seconded by Linda Ely that the appointments be accepted.  Carried 


There was no appointment as Webmaster; we have a paid developer.

The Annual General Meeting closed at 11:00 am.

The next Annual General Meeting will be held in May 2022 at a venue to be decided.


Signed  …................................  Margaret Doherty, President  Date  …........................

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