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Saturday 14 November, held on Zoom 10.00am to 12:30pm


History Queensland Inc. was established on 15 July 1995. Local and Family History Societies operate throughout Queensland because of the dedication of thousands of members who give their services voluntarily to promote their common interest. The aim of HQ is to act as an umbrella group that gives all such societies a united voice in promoting the interests of family historians, local historians and genealogists.

HQ publishes a quarterly newsletter, coordinates a biennial fair for members to showcase themselves, and offers member organisations specialised insurance including Public Liability coverage.

To read more about History Queensland please click here. Our brochure is available here.

We thought we would share some advice from the Family History Federation in the UK which came to us via the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations (AFFHO).  They make some suggestions for those interested in family and local history.

In the interest of everyone’s personal safety, we strongly advise you not to hold physical meetings at present, for whatever reason.  But we do encourage you to use email and/or telephone to maintain close, regular contact with both family and society friends.  Should you be feeling particularly adventurous, why not start using Google Hangouts, Skype, Webex or Zoom for the same purpose?  All provide their basic services for free and are far easier to use than you might imagine.  Self-isolation can be very lonely and a friendly face ‘on screen’ could prove most uplifting! One thing is most certain - no family historian worthy of the name should ever be lacking in things to do! We suddenly and unexpectedly have a wonderful opportunity to complete those all-important research documentation tasks we never previously had time for.  And what about that backlog of Newsletters and Journals you've been meaning to read? Need a break?  There are also life histories to be written, experiences to share, books to read, computer and/or research skills to enhance.  When that’s all done, maybe you could follow-up with indexing, or transcribing.  In fact, it’s so easy to fill your time with all things family history that some form of prudent rationing may still be required.


The family and local history and small museum community in Queensland is very active, but advertising those activities to the other HQ organisations and the wider interested community has never been easy.  There are over 110 member organisations throughout Queensland and we will post activities these groups wish us to advertise.

The facebook site should help you advertise your events to not only HQ members, but also a wider audience. You could:

  • Attract non members to open meetings, including those travelling within the State
  • Let us know about new publications, data bases
  • Seek information about mystery photos
  • Advertise family reunions in your area

You don’t have to subscribe to facebook to read these posts, but if you wish to comment or have advice of postings dropped into your mail box – then you will need to subscribe and like the page.